Doddle Maths gives you a comprehensive resource for KS3 and KS4, with in-class presentations, engaging interactives and formative homework quizzes – letting you cover all the angles.

What's in Doddle Maths?


Focus on key functional skills


Doddle Maths gives you outstanding, reliable teaching presentations to cover every topic at KS3 and KS4, establishing key concepts and ensuring a baseline level for all students.

Our dynamic interactives demonstrate maths in action, from constructing a hexagon to exploring the graph of a quadratic function.  

With our targeted quick tests, developed in partnership with Heads of Maths, you can focus in on the core skills that your students will need for GCSEs, such as tree diagrams, circle theorems and sine rules. And Doddle also gives you the freedom to upload your own teaching resources and assign them alongside Doddle resources.

Formative, self-marking content


Doddle is designed to help students do more and stay motivated outside of the classroom, with hundreds of homework quizzes and revision activities – all suitable for use on tablets.

The formative homework quizzes give your Maths students effective support outside of the classroom, and offer real differentiation to help you target every student’s needs. And with our applied skills quizzes, your students encounter contextualised functional maths and learn to interpret and solve word problems.  

Doddle on tabletsAccompanying our homework quizzes, our revision resources review the concepts your students need to know, and support a variety of learning styles.

Results instantly fed to the markbook


Doddle’s powerful online markbook automatically records the results of every quiz your students take, so you can easily track and monitor their progression in Maths.

In just a few clicks you can compare the scores of students in your class over time, see average results and drill down to see exactly which questions tripped them up.

So Doddle runs full circle: you can see where your students are struggling in the markbook, and choose from the amazing teaching and homework content to personalise your support and assign the material they need.