Life after Levels

At Doddle, we’re helping schools to adapt to life after levels.

KS3 assessment is a new world; and the last thing schools need is a complicated, time-consuming, inflexible new piece of software to learn.

So we took the common sense approach. Doddle is a quick, easy and personalised system for assessing and measuring progress - that works for students, teachers and senior leaders.

The progress reporting system in Doddle gives you:

Three key concepts

1) Breaking down the curriculum

In each subject, we’ve broken down the KS3 curriculum into a fully editable list of skills that students need to master.


2) Grading individual skills

For each individual skill, you can assign a grade for each student on a red, amber and green scale.


3) 1-9 difficulty rating

We’ve graded each skill on a 1-9 difficulty rating, designed to match up with the new GCSE grading system.


Consistency and flexibility

Offering consistency in measuring and reporting on progress, Doddle provides a common framework for assessment across departments, and across the school – while still allowing flexibility for departments to assess the way they want to.

  • Simple, intuitive system for recording assessment data, from Science to Drama

  • Hundreds of KS3 progress tests, that report directly to your progress tab and save you hours of assessment

  • 16,000 teaching, homework and revision resources, meaning that you can assign relevant support in an instant

Powerful reporting

The comprehensive reporting features in Doddle let you measure and assess KS3 progress at student, department and cohort level – and generate clear, motivating reports for students and parents.

For individual students and across classes, you can analyse your students’ current attainment against their target in a subject – and compare their progress over time.

This progress measure allows you to pull together high-level reporting for cohorts and key groups, and highly detailed student reports with clear guidance on what skills to focus on.

Key to our reporting is flexibility – you can export your assessment data into the systems you currently use, such as SIMS, SISRA or Go4Schools.

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