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Independent learning

Real impact

Better homework

Targeted feedbackBrilliant resources


Doddle makes Pupil Premium work for your students.

Your Pupil Premium students are unique: each and every one has different needs, and requires different methods of support to help them get on.

Doddle helps you to address those individual needs, while also providing the foundations that every student responds to: excellent teaching, meaningful feedback, and encouragement to take control of their learning.                                                                                                  


Students take responsibility for their learning

Doddle fosters your Pupil Premium students' motivation to assess their work and make progress. With instant reporting after every homework task, students are encouraged to go over the topic and beat their own score.


The Student area allows them to easily assess their strengths and weaknesses, helping them to revise effectively and independently, and rate their confidence on topics when they review work.


Impact you can point at

By comparing results over classes and year groups, you can demonstrate Pupil Premium students' progress over time compared with class averages.


The markbook lets you drill down to see differentiation on a question-by-question level, and identify where that extra support has helped to narrow the gap.





Set better homework

The vast range of homework resources in Doddle lets you adapt to your
Pupil Premium students' needs,
from highly focussed tasks to developing enquiry skills.


Every resource is formative, giving your students better support outside of the classroom. And each homework is ready to assign in a couple of clicks.





Ongoing assessment and feedback

With the automatic marking in the Doddle online markbook, all the admin work is done – leaving you with clear, meaningful metrics for showing your Pupil Premium students' attainment and progress.


The markbook gives you the tools you need to maintain dialogues with students, keep them motivated and help them
progress, and is 
the ideal platform for demonstrating and discussing
progress at parents’ evenings





Clever resources – that anyone can teach with

Teachers using Doddle know that they have brilliant, memorable and engaging resources at their disposal, developed with teachers and mapped to exam board specifications.


Our clear, straight-forward resources allow you to support teachers, non-specialists and TAs running interventions, small group programmes and peer tutoring for Pupil Premium students.




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