From understanding the importance of rites of passage to discussing the relationship between science and religion, Doddle RS helps you and your students keep pace with the changing nature of religion in the modern world.

What's in Doddle RS?


Mapped to the QCA Scheme of Work and exam boards


Doddle RS contains hundreds of brilliant resources for your in-class teaching – helping you inspire whole-class discussion on a range of religious and moral issues.

With all you need to teach Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism at KS3 and the philosophy of religion and ethical and moral issues at GCSE, Doddle RS features interactive presentations, engaging animations, dynamic activities and plenary quizzes.

Doddle's ready-made materials are available for students to access at home and in their own time, making it perfect for your independent learning initiatives. And you can even upload and assign your own resourcesso all your favourite teaching content is in one place.


Self-marking homework content


Doddle RS meets all of your school's homework provision needs with self-marking resources on a variety of topics mapped to the QCA Scheme of Work at KS3, while KS4 is packed with worksheets for AQA, Edexcel and OCR specifications.

Our homework resources are a precise diagnostic tool to help you personalise students' learning and target students' weaker areas as well as prepare them for the kinds of questions they'll face in exams.

Students can even identify their own weaker areas with formative recap slides appearing in quizzes whenever they get an answer wrong, so revision is embedded in students' learning throughout the year, not just at exam time.


Results instantly fed to the markbook


Doddle’s powerful online markbook automatically records the results of every quiz your students take, so you can easily track and monitor their progression.

In just a few clicks you can compare the scores of students in your class over time, see average results and drill down to see exactly which questions tripped them up.

So Doddle runs full circle: with our in-depth quizzes you can see exactly where your students are struggling in the markbook, and choose from hundreds of amazing teaching and homework resources to personalise your support and assign the material they need.