As one of the fastest growing languages both in terms of worldwide speakers and UK-based learning, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about Spanish education, and our range of teaching, homework and assessment resources will help your students become aficionados.


Doddle Spanish teaching resources at KS3 and GCSE


Doddle Spanish provides you with hundreds of brilliant in-class resources, to help you cover all disciplines of language learning.

The interactive presentations in Doddle, complete with games, plenaries, activities and animations, are packed with authentic audio from native speakers, helping your student to develop fluency and accurate pronunciation.

Teachers can access dedicated grammar resources that make tricky concepts simple, and detailed support for cementing student vocabulary. On top of all this, you can customise Doddle by uploading your own resources and assigning them directly to your students.


Doddle Spanish homework resources at KS3 and GCSE


With Doddle Spanish, you can assign hundreds of formative and summative homework and assessment resources – all of which are fully self-marking and provide immediate results and feedback.

From grammar quizzes to vocab tests to unit-wide reviews, Doddle gives you a complete homework platform, with detailed diagnostic reporting to help you personalise students' learning and target students' weaker areas.

Doddle on tabletsAnd Doddle's perfect for revision too, with dedicated revision activities that map up with homework quizzes, and exam-style quizzes that help your students feel prepared and confident ahead of their exams.


Effective assessment and tracking for Spanish


Doddle’s powerful online markbook automatically records the results of every quiz your students take, so you can easily track and monitor their progression.

In just a few clicks you can compare the scores of students in your class over time, see average results and drill down to see exactly which questions tripped them up.

So Doddle runs full circle: with our granular, in-depth tests and quizzes you can see exactly where your students are struggling in the markbook, and choose from hundreds of amazing teaching and homework resources to personalise your support and assign the material they need.