What is Doddle?

Doddle is an online resource providing teaching, homework and assessment across 19 subjects.

Doddle resources make clever ideas simple.

Teachers using Doddle know that they have outstanding, reliable, engaging resources at their disposal.

From a topic-wide review to a targeted focus on key skills and concepts – whatever you need, there’s something ready to go in Doddle. 

And it’s designed with you in mind: you can upload your own materials and combine them with Doddle resources into memorable and fun lessons – letting you plan your whole term in a couple of clicks.

Doddle homework: truly self-marking and formative.

Doddle is designed to help students do more and stay motivated outside of the classroom.

Our self-marking homework quizzes provide immediate results and feedback, letting you feel truly connected with what they're doing.

And it's adaptable to student needs: Doddle keeps them organised and encourages independent learning – and it works on whatever device they prefer to use.

The data you need to make progress happen.

With all your homework marks automatically reported to the online markbook, Doddle gives you more time to get the most from your data. The markbook gives you meaningful analysis on performance for individuals, classes or whole departments – and is ideal for tracking key groups like Pupil Premium students.

And with a fully integrated system, your analysis feeds straight into your next lesson plan – giving you the time and information to help you prepare better lessons.